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Tip 42 on 'Flix It Yourself': Perfectly hanging frames and shelves in minutes!

Welcome back to "Flix It Yourself" tip 42! 😄

Ready to learn a simple trick for installing picture frames or floating shelves?

Here's what you'll need:

🛠 A drill

🧻 Painters tape

✏ Pencil

📐 Leveler

Follow these steps for an easy installation:

  1. Place painters tape from one side of the frame to the other, covering the hanging hardware location. Use a pencil to mark both sides of the hardware location.

  2. Remove the tape and place it on the wall. Use the leveler to ensure the tape is even.

  3. Grab your drill and secure the screws into the wall.

  4. Put the shelves onto the wall.

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Thanks for watching! Have an amazing week ahead! 😇🔨👍

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