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From Holes to whole: Quick and easy hole fixes in 5 steps!

Welcome back to "FLIX IT YOURSELF" Tip 43

Fix door holes like new with 5 simple steps:

1. Start by cleaning and trimming any loose wood.

2. Fill the hole with spray foam, allowing 12-24 hours to fully harden before trimming off any excess.

3. Apply a golf ball-sized amount of bondo followed by a 1-inch line of cream. Mix thoroughly, apply to the door, and work quickly as you have only 1-2 minutes of working time. After 20 minutes, it's ready to be sanded down.

4. Use 80 grit sandpaper first, then switch to 120 grit for a finer finish.

5. Complete the transformation with 2 coats of primer and matching paint to give your door a fresh and new look! 🚪🎨

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Bondo spreader:

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Thank you for watching! Wishing you a fantastic week ahead! 😊

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