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DIY mold removal: Watch and save big with Flix It Yourself!

Watch this video and save yourself over $300!

👋 Welcome back to "Flix It Yourself" Tip 37!

Today, we'll tackle the common issue of moldy rubber seals on washing machine doors. Here's a simple 5-step process to get rid of the mold:

Caution ⚠

This FIY should be done only by adults.

Make sure to use gloves mask and eye protection.

Make sure the bleach, etc., doesn't get on to any clothes.

1️⃣ Clean the rubber seal with a bleach-based cleaner. Use a good scrubber to reach all corners.

2️⃣ After cleaning, spray bleach again over the entire seal and sprinkle pool shock. Make sure to cover all corners.

3️⃣ Let it sit for 30 minutes, then clean off as much of the pool shock as possible with a wet rag.

4️⃣ Turn on the machine and run a load on the sanitize or cleaning mode.

5️⃣ Open the door and witness the magic! 🎉

• To prevent the mold from happening again, purchase the magnetic stick that will hold the door open when it's not in use.

• Remember to clean the machine once a month with a cleaning pod to reach those unreachable places.

For the products mentioned in the video:

🔹 Pool Care Shock:

🔹 Amazer Dish Brush with Handle:

🔹 Clorox Cleaner with Bleach:

🔹 Magnetic Stick to hold the door open:

🔹 Washing Machine Cleaner:

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