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We guarantee on-time arrivals, never leave a mess behind, and send videos of our work. 

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Looking for a Handyman service that values your time and delivers top-notch work? Look no further! Our team guarantees on-time arrival with 2-hour service windows. Plus, you'll receive a notification with your Flixerman's bio and photo, so you know exactly who to expect at your doorstep.


We take pride in our quality work and make sure that every job is approved by our quality control manager. And to provide ultimate customer satisfaction, we even provide pictures of the completed work. Our billing process is easy to understand and transparent -no hidden fees- and we leave your home spotless, taking care of the cleanup ourselves.







Our Services

How it works:

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Order your Job

Create a job request for the work you need and when you need it.

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Book your Flixerman

Confirm your date & time, location, and any details to schedule.

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Start your Project

Meet at your set location and your Flixerman will get right to work, right on time.

Why Choose Flix?


On-Time Arrivals

You'll receive a text notification with our ETA, and your Flixerman's bio, photo, within your 2-hour service window.


Once the job is done and approved by our quality control manager, you'll receive pictures of the work done. 

Quality Control  Videos


No Mess 

We take care of the cleanup leaving your property spotless and worry free.

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